Fulvic Minerals


Our Fulvic Minerals comes from a deposit in the United States formed an estimated 23 to 33.9 million years ago, comprised of layers of freshwater and oceanic of sediment. Enormous prehistoric plants grew with roots that reached deep into the earth to take up an abundance of nutrients. The soil became rich humus from countless undisturbed life cycles, eventually producing a concentrated variety of organic acid molecules. Fulvic acids are considered a family of polyphenols and are naturally ionically charged, allowing them to bond with trace minerals in their environment. Organic acids, such as the ones found in our Fulvic, are what give fruits and vegetables their nutrient density. Our Fulvic Minerals are in their purest free form, are preservative and mycotoxin-free, non-irradiated, nutraceutical-grade, and 3rd party tested to ISO, NPA, and UL standards of safety for human consumption.

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