Collection: 1-right-care-pack-item:AMERICAN BLONDE [16 PACK]


Organic Barley, Organic Sterling Hops,
Organic Yeast, Trans-Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed Extract)

This classic non-alcoholic golden ale is brewed with a mixture of premium organic malts from California, Belgium, and Austria. Unlike most Blonde Ales, we employ a highly aromatic U.S-grown Sterling hop and a heat-free method of dealcoholization. The result is a bright, light-bodied refreshment that comes with delectable floral and earthy notes. For enhanced function, each can is dosed with 50mg of plant-derived Resveratrol. In other words, you're holding the perfect day-drinking beer with the benefits of wine. No need to drink responsibly.


Calories 65 | Carbs 13g | Resveratrol 50mg


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