Organic Green Juice Delivery

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Organic Green Juice Delivery

As consumer behavior continues to evolve, an increasing number of people are opting to order food and beverages directly from their favorite brands online. According to Statista, food and beverage retail revenue online in the United States has risen 300% from $42B in 2017 to $125B in 2022. This amount is expected to double to $300B by 2025! 

This shift in preference highlights the growing demand for convenience and quality, particularly when it comes to healthy, perishable products from great brands online.

While grocery stores and juice shops offer healthy juices, ordering them online and getting them delivered presents numerous advantages over these traditional outlets. Let's explore why ordering your juice online should always be your preferred choice.

Stringent Quality Controls and Safer Products

When you order raw juice online, the odds are very high that the juice is made in a processing facility regulated by the FDA. Since the FDA classifies juice as 'high-risk,' juice producers must adhere to many more stringent quality controls and standard operating procedures that local neighborhood juice shops simply do not. The chances are significantly higher that juices produced in accordance with FDA regulations will be cleaner and safer than those made individually in juice shops.

Additionally, if the juice is certified NOP Organic, juice producers like us are subject to an extra layer of scrutiny, traceability, and sourcing verification to maintain our certificate each year. This heightened level of oversight from multiple agencies not only ensures quality and safety but guarantees integrity as well.

Greater Consistency

Organic juices made in a central processing facility are far more consistent than those produced in small juice shops. This is because batch sizes are larger, allowing for better control of the ingredients and ratios used in each recipe.

The result is a more uniform, consistent product that meets the same high-quality standards every time. Since many our ingredients change week by week, it's crucial that we fine-tune our recipes using the tools and quality controls that would be impossible to apply in individual juice shops.

Economies of Scale and Expansive Ingredient Selection

Juice companies like us buy in bulk and save on freight costs by having all of our ingredients delivered to one central facility. We then pass on the cost savings to consumers through economies of scale, which is an extremely important concept when it comes to juice production. Larger purchases also allow us to source a more expansive range of whole, raw ingredients (not powders) from around the world, providing greater variety and diversity of the exotics we use in our juices.

Consequently, this can make a big difference to small, organic farms producing ingredients like Golden Berries, Coconut Nectar, Turmeric, etc., in countries with low GDPs. The bottom line is we can offer a far more varied selection high quality, certified organic ingredients in our beverages than those found at grocery stores or juice shops.

Better Value for Your Money

When you purchase a bottle of green juice at a grocery store, a significant portion of the price you pay goes towards the retailer's overhead and staffing costs. Retailers often add a 40-50% margin, while distributors tack on an additional 25-30% to their wholesale cost. This unfortunate reality means that less than half the money you pay for that juice in the grocery store actually makes it to the juice brand itself. 

By buying a slightly larger quantity of the juices you love from the brand directly online, you can cut out these very expensive middlemen and enjoy far better products AND services straight from the source. An example of the way we offer an improved service is by including 1-day delivery anywhere in the US.


Buying your organic juice online has numerous advantages over buying them at grocery stores or juice shops. With stricter quality controls, better consistency, economies of scale, and better value products, it's pretty clear that ordering online is the smarter, modern choice.

Plus, the sheer convenience alone of having certified organic juices delivered straight to your doorstep is tough to beat.

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