Raw Juicery vs. Pressed Juicery

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Raw Juicery vs. Pressed Juicery

Welcome to our in-depth comparison series where we explore how our juice cleanses stand up against our competitors. Today, we're focusing on Pressed Juicery. Our aim is to help you understand the differences and make an informed decision about which cleanse is right for you.

Pressed Juicery is another US-based brand that sells cold-pressed juices, smoothies & plant-based foods. 

Ingredients & Sourcing

Raw Juicery

We’ve always prided ourselves on the range and quality of our ingredients, going to great lengths to find the absolute best sources available worldwide– especially when it comes to our organic juice cleanses. Each ingredient is chosen for its unique ability to rejuvenate and detoxify the organs and blood at optimal times throughout the day. Our Signature Cleanse and Green Cleanse are made from 30 pure, globally sourced ingredients, including unique botanicals and adaptogens such as raw Maitake, Butterfly Pea Flower, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra Berries. 

All 30 ingredients are 100% certified organic to ensure the purest and contaminant-free experience possible. Conventional leafy greens like kale, spinach, cilantro, and celery have been shown to contain 50 or more pesticides, many of which are banned around the world, including in places like the EU. Strictly souring from certified organic producers is the primary way we prevent these pesticides from tainting your juice cleanse.

Organic certifications have come a long way in the last few years, especially with NOP standards having recently strengthened in March of 2023. Because of this, it’s now even more difficult to maintain organic status– particularly for some suppliers dealing with more unique and exotic ingredients in their purest, raw form. An example of such an ingredient is Yuzu, which is only present in our Yuzu Mate and Toucan Mélange, and simply does not currently exist from any supplier with organic certification. However, these two juices are not present in any of our multi-day cleanses, though they are available for individual purchase in our Make A Box section.

These 30 ingredients combine to form 26 delicious & invigorating juice flavors, delivering a payload of various tastes and benefits directly to your body. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly clear, with over 1500 5-star reviews letting us know that the fan-favorite flavors are Master Cleanse, G3 Live, Chill Pill, and Red Cure

Each bottle features a printed Certified R.A.W. Seal on the label, a seal provided by a nonprofit certification agency that defines a standard for what is considered "raw" for packaged food products. We only use raw ingredients in our juice cleanses because the unprocessed versions of fruits and vegetables retain their natural nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants far better than the processed alternative. This increases their efficiency as detoxifying agents, promoting nutrient absorption and supporting overall health.

The certification process considers multiple aspects of our production process, from ingredient selection to manufacturing. The certification includes the same requirements and principles of GMP, HACCP, FSMA, HARPC, and USDA NOP Organic.

Pressed Juicery

Pressed ingredients are not USDA-certified organic, citing their preference to use locally sourced and seasonal produce for their juice cleanses. The juices are made in Central California, where the headquarters of Pressed are located. While the juices are produced there, it is unknown where each ingredient is sourced from. This contrasts with Raw Juicery ingredients, where more information about individual ingredients can be found on the ingredients page, including their source location and health benefits.

Furthermore, it’s unclear exactly how many ingredients are used across the entire Pressed brand, however, you can view specific ingredients for the individual cleanses. For example, their starter cleanse (Cleanse 1) contains 18 unique ingredients such as Beet Juice, Vanilla Extract, Butternut Squash, and Lemon Juice, spread across 6 juices. 

Both Raw Juicery and Pressed are Kosher certified. Raw Juicery cleanses are also 100% safe for those with nut allergies, though some Pressed cleanses are not

Safety Methods

Both Raw Juicery and Pressed beverages are juiced via High-Pressure Processing (HPP). This process is a heatless safety step that protects the juices from certain pathogens and is required by the FDA. Extremely high hydrostatic pressure (90,000 psi or more) is applied to bottled juices by a large & powerful machine. Opposite of traditional juices, which are pasteurized, HPP occurs in a cold environment. HPP is slower, laborious, and more costly than the heating method; however, it significantly preserves the juice's natural flavor, nutritional integrity, and enzymatic activity compared to heat pasteurization. The flavor is practically indistinguishable from untreated juice, enabling HPP juices to last for months, not days.


Raw Juicery

The primary benefits of juice cleanses are to naturally detox your system, nourish your body with tons of vitamins & minerals, replenish your gut with enzymatic activity, and promote longevity benefits such as autophagy. The combination of ingredients in Raw Juicery cleanses promotes many additional benefits: 

  • Activates autophagy, a cellular recycling system, promoting efficient nutrient use and potential health benefits like cancer cell inhibition.
  • Restricts the intake and promotes the flushing out of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) commonly found in processed foods, enhancing detoxification and reducing oxidative stress.
  • Breaks unhealthy eating patterns, fostering mindful dietary choices and sustainable habits.
  • Facilitates initial weight loss by reducing caloric intake and shedding water weight, encouraging healthier eating habits.
  • Improves gut health with essential micronutrients and enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables, alleviating common issues like bloating and constipation.
  • Boosts mental clarity by resetting dopamine levels and promoting clearer thinking during the cleanse.
  • Spikes energy and performance levels to elevate your body into a natural "flow state" by providing sustained, clean energy.
  • Nourishes skin, hair, and nails with vitamins and minerals, promoting collagen production.
  • Increases nutrient absorption through bioavailable juices, offering convenient and flavorful alternatives to whole foods.
  • Builds confidence and resilience to take on new challenges after completing the cleanse, feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated.


According to their FAQ page, the benefits of Pressed cleanses include: 

  • “Refresh and recharge by replenishing your body with juices while gaining a better understanding of your habits and nutritional patterns.
  • Detox your system by eliminating toxins from your body.
  • Nourish your body with vitamins and minerals that support your overall health and help you feel your best.
  • Rich in antioxidants and entirely plant-based, our cleanses are designed to help you feel your best getting the nutrients you need.”

Duration and Frequency

The duration of your juice cleanse will depend on several factors, namely your individual needs, goals, and previous cleanse and/or fasting experience. Generally speaking, longer cleanses of 3 days will yield more significant results than cleansing for just 1-2 days. However, if you are new to cleansing, you may feel more comfortable starting with a shorter length of time and gradually extending the length as you develop more experience. 

Both the Signature Cleanse and Green Cleanse from Raw Juicery are designed for two and three-day increments because it takes around 48 hours for a juice cleanse to promote autophagy. If you are interested in trying any of our single flavors or building your own cleanse for a shorter or longer duration, both options are available.

At Raw Juicery, we recommend everybody to do a 3-day cleanse at least once per year or up to once per month.

Pressed offers several different juice cleanse options that you can commit to for one, three, five, or seven days. The variety of choices caters to different preferences, focusing on certain elements like antioxidants, low sugar, nutrient-rich smoothies, and balanced intake. If you want to create a cleanse that’s longer than 7 days, their website does say that it is possible with custom orders. 

Pressed does not recommend cleansing more than twice per month.   

Nutritional Value and Calories

One of the primary reasons that juice cleanses are so effective at kick-starting weight loss journeys, promoting mental clarity, and detoxifying your body is the significant reduction in calories. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses 2,000 calories per day as the standard for nutrition advice. While this estimate varies between individuals, especially those who exercise regularly, individuals who participate in a juice cleanse will reduce their calorie intake to under 1,000 calories, often as low as 500-700 per day. 

More specifically, here are the calorie breakdowns of each brand:

Raw Juicery

  • Signature Cleanse - 630 calories per day
  • Green Cleanse - 520 calories per day
  • Zen Cleanse - 540 calories per day


  • Cleanse 1 - 1160 calories per day
  • Cleanse 2 - 1080 calories per day
  • Cleanse 3 - 540 calories per day
  • Cleanse 4 - 750 calories per day

Raw Juicery does not add sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners of any kind, though we do use natural sweeteners from fruit for flavor.  Specifically, the +Probiotic Line contains Coconut Nectar as a sweetener, a sap that comes from coconut palms that is gently dehydrated into a viscous syrup and has a nutritional profile unlike any other. It contains virtually zero fructose and clocks a 35 on the Glycemic Index (out of 100). 

Pressed primarily uses Agave as a natural sweetener, though it appears that some of their juices contain Allulose, Monk Fruit, or a blend of Monk Fruit Extract and Erythritol (a low-calorie sweetener and sugar alcohol). Recent research shows erythritol may be associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Agave is a highly refined sugar that ranges between 10-20 on the Glycemic Index but is typically treated with a high-heat process that destroys all of its potentially beneficial health effects

Each brand lists macronutrient levels both per juice and per cleanse, so you can check both of those out if you have specific dietary requirements. 

Expectations and Results

The results of a juice cleanse will vary based on the type & duration of juice cleanse, your individual biochemistry, and a number of other factors. But in any case, here is what you can generally expect from a juice cleanse: short term detoxification, improved gut health, cellular cleanup, and overall rejuvenation. 

Environmental and Ethical Considerations

The nature of HPP requires that both companies use plastic bottles as opposed to glass bottles – glass would explode under pressure. However, Raw Juicery uses a type of plastic known as Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which does not contain BPA, BPS, Phthalates, or Phthalate Plasticizers and is the most recyclable version of plastic. The 2-ounce Boost bottles are made from 100% PCR plastic. 

The packaging the juice arrives in is made of 100% recycled paper and is fully curbside recyclable. The ice packs inside the box are non-toxic and drain-safe, with a nitrogen-based gel that can even be used as a plant fertilizer.

Pressed uses a similar PET-type plastic bottle for their main bottle. Their 2-ounce shot bottles are also made from 100% recycled plastic.

Pricing and Value

Raw Juicery cleanses are priced at $129 for a 2-day cleanse and $169 for a 3-day cleanse, but if you subscribe, you’ll receive a 5% discount.  Raw Juicery takes extreme measures to produce the best juices on the market. Each ingredient is consciously sourced and 100% certified organic to preserve flavor & quality, and we never pasteurize or freeze the juice. This means we must deliver your Cleanse within 1 shipping day (Next Day Air), and this cost is included in the price. Individual juices and juice packs are also available for purchase, starting from $9.50.

Pressed cleanses begin at $35 for a 1-day cleanse and $105 for a 3-day cleanse, and proportionally increase in price with the 5 and 7-day cleanses. They offer various shipping options: free local delivery on orders over $50 (Central California only) and $15 shipping on orders over $99. They also offer pickup options at their various store locations. 

If you’re ready to try Raw Juicery, check out our Cleanse Page.